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6670 S Tenaya Way Suite 190
Las Vegas, NV, 89113
United States


Las Vegas's full service premier laser salon specializing in Laser Hair Removal, Laser Fungus Removal, Laser Facials, the removal of Vascular Lesions, and Sublative Skin treatments for wrinkles, acne scar treatments, stretch marks, and the promotion of collagen regrowth. 


Laser Hair Removal: Facts vs Fiction

Anahit Karamanukyan

Since it's always a challenge to know what's true and what isn't... Here are some facts that you should know prior to treatment

1. Is laser hair removal permanent? It is... for the follicles that are actively growing, however, not all of the follicles on our body or in a given area are actively producing hair at the same time. For those that aren't producing hair actively that produce hair in the future... for those... you will need maintenance.

 2. It smooths your skin! The laser that is used stimulates collagen production, ‘plumping out’ and smoothing your skin.

 3. Plucking/Waxing/Threading/Epilators/Depilatory Creams before treatments If you do anything to separate the hair from the root two to four weeks before laser hair removal treatment, you run the risk that the hair won’t have yet entered its re-growth phase and there will be nothing for the laser to target. The target is the hair, attached to the root, beneath the surface of the skin - so shave the day before you come in.

 4. Dark skin and safe treatment Historically, when there was only one laser wavelength to treat with, laser hair removal was for lighter/fair skinned clients with dark hair because with that wavelength (755 nm), the laser wouldn't see the difference between the pigment of the hair and the pigment of the skin. With the advancement of technology and additional wavelengths (1064 nm) put into practice, we can treat both light and dark skinned clients. We use only the Candela GentleMax Pro - one box, two lasers, both wavelengths - voted by Women's Health Magazine as the #1 laser on the market. Demand the Pro!

 5. How long does it take? It’s pretty quick! Facial areas, brazilians, and your underarms can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Large areas like your legs or back might take half an hour. We carry the specialty handpiece with the bigger spot sizes to cover larger areas thoroughly and efficiently.

 6. Not all lasers are painful  Some people are turned off by reports of intense pain during laser hair removal. In fact, our GentleMax Pro has a double cooling system feature which sprays cryogen and cools down the area being lased and significantly reduces pain levels. Come in and we'll do a test spot on you so you can see exactly what you're in for.

 7. What if I can't take the pain? During every treatment we will monitor your pain tolerance and sensitivity. We treat everyone according to a range and will start you at the center of your range, leaving us room to go up and down depending on comfort and sensitivity. If we feel that the settings are so low that we may be compromising the efficacy of your treatment, we have a numbing spray that you can purchase to provide an extra level of comfort.

 8. All parts of the body can be treated If you have hair growing there, it can be safely removed by laser (with the exception of the area around the orbital bone). Proper lasers (NOT Intense Pulsed Light machines) can work on even the most delicate skin.

 9. What about in-grown hair afterwards During laser hair removal your hair is constantly purging and pushing out of your skin. With patience and over time, as the texture of your hair changes, your ingrown hairs will push out and be a thing of the past!

 10. Sun Exposure/Sun Beds/Spray Tans You shouldn’t expose to the sun or sunbed the area(s) to be treated two weeks before/two weeks after your laser hair removal session. Spray tans and bronzers need to be avoided seven days before a treatment and you need to exfoliate REALLY well the night before your laser hair removal session. If there is any tanning product left on your skin, we will NOT be able to treat you.

11. You should always have a consultation first At Simply Skin Las Vegas you will undergo a FREE consultation session that allows us to review your complete medical history, get an understanding of your goals for any treatment, examine your skin, and give you a list of accurate expectations. No client will be treated without a consultation. It is our commitment to provide you the best treatment possible.

12. How often should I get treated?  There seems to be differing opinions on how often one should be treated. At Simply Skin Las Vegas, we are not going to give you the cookie cutter, "See you in 4-6 weeks" answer. Different parts of the body have different hair turnover cycles. We are after hair turnover, not how quickly your hair grows. The face should be treated every 4 weeks. Legs should be treated every 8 weeks. The remainder of your body should be treated every 6. As your hair gets sparser and slower to grow, the sessions will be pushed out even more. Have you ever gotten your eyebrows waxed vs your brazilian? You will need another eyebrow wax in 2-3 weeks when your brazilian won't be ready yet. Your legs turn over hair even slower. Know your hair cycles - don't get undertreated and set your results back.

 13. There are usually specials available! We do not require contracts, or packages – but if you keep an eye out you will find specials and packages that you may be interested in. You can follow us on social media for the most up to date specials, facts, and tips. Click here for our Instagram page, here for our Facebook, and here for our Twitter.

Simply Skin Las Vegas is a full service Laser Salon in Las Vegas specializing in Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Facials, the removal of Vascular Lesions, and Sublative Skin treatments for wrinkles, acne scar treatments, stretch marks, and the promotion of collagen regrowth.  

We are conveniently located off of the 215 Freeway between Rainbow and Buffalo at:
6670 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 190
Las Vegas, NV 89113

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